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Did you know you can manage your TiVo DVR from anywhere using your smartphone or iPad? Before you begin, make sure you are running the latest iOS software and that your TiVo box is connected to your home network.

What to Watch

The What to Watch tab offers suggestions based on the time of the program, genre, and popularity. Use this tab to find shows for a specific time. Depending on the show, you’ll be able to record or bookmark an episode, bookmark or record a movie or view upcoming show times.
Clicking on the movie details or series details buttons will allow you to view the episodes cast & crew, upcoming show times and can provide a list of suggested content based on the show you are currently viewing.

TiVo Guide

Another way to view shows would be to use the Guide tab. This is the full guide listing with detailed information for 2 weeks of programming. In the Guide, you can swipe to left/right to move the time in 30 minute increments.
Click the Record & Watch button to display the Watch Now Overlay with an option to record and watch from your iPad/iPhone or on your TV.
You can use the channel search bar to search for a channel number or name. Tapping on the channel numbers will take you to the schedule for a specific channel.

My Shows

Use the My Shows tab to see all of your recorded/downloaded programs. This list mirrors the My Shows list on your TiVo box. Tap a show’s title to see the Series or Movie screen. The episode or movie selected in the Watch List can be played by tapping the Play icon at the top of the screen. Or, depending on the title, you can add a bookmark, delete the episode/movie, or download it to your device.


If you’d like to download a show/movie, tap the download icon to download the recording to your mobile device. This will allow you to watch it when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi. You’ll find downloaded shows in the Downloads category of My Shows. Please keep in mind downloaded shows are available to watch only from the TiVo app.
If you have more video or DVR questions, please contact one of our sales reps at . They would be thrilled to discuss any questions you may have.

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